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The Wilson Electronics 801247 Desktop Mobile Phone Signal Booster – Does It Genuinely Work?

When you own a business, it is essential that you own the appropriate tools to carry out your jobs as efficiently as possible. Employing a few of the simplest tools can save you a lot of money and time. However, a lot depends on your unique situation. And so, an office tool like a cell phone signal booster can be very helpful if cell phone transmissions and receptions are difficult. You’ll read a review of the Wilson Electronics 801247 Desktop Cell Phone Signal Booster.

This office equipment device will provide top-quality results when used from a single room. So that is something you should remember for your own business needs. The 801247 cell phone signal booster works at frequencies going from 824 to 894 MHZ and 1850 to 1990 MHz. As far as signal boosting power, you will find your cellular phone signals increased in excess of 15 times average levels. This should help to get rid of the issue of poor cellular phone reception.

The kinds of issues normally found with poor reception and transmission include calls that are dropped out suddenly as well as communications that are unclear. In this case, using a cellular phone signal booster such as the Wilson Electronics 801247 might be of benefit to you. For example, your business, and personal, communications will be more efficient since you will save time. You will, naturally, lessen all those instances of having to call back if your call drops out. In addition, clear communication is especially essential during business calls.

The Wilson 801247 cell phone signal booster is tiny and will easily be placed on your desk. You will achieve best results when you set it in rooms where a signal problem exists. The hardware consists of an externally mounted antenna which connects to the desk unit via a coaxial wire. You may opt to placce the antenna on one of the windows in the affected room. Still, you will get the best reception when you mount the antenna outside and aim it toward the nearest mobile phone tower. If you have no idea where the closest tower is located, then here is an alternative for you. You can only experiment with several orientations until the greatest signal level is achieved.

Installing the 801247 cellular phone signal booster is not at all difficult. The device may be used for a number of cell phones. You will be able to boost the signal levels of more than one mobile phone and also signal data cards with one 801247 signal booster device. Except for Nextel and a handful of other cell companies, the Wilson 801247 cell phone signal booster works with majority of US and Canadian mobile phone providers. Different technologies are supported like 3G, AMPS, as well as others. Additionally, there is a range of supported data protocols. To find out if your mobile phone is supported, inquire with Wilson Electronics.